A two-stage competition (only for French wine) : pre-selections in the regions by regional oenologists and then a national final

Registration open from 15 December to 5 February 2023 - Please note that the dates and addresses for sending entries vary according to your department > See "Registration and fees" then "Registration and delivery procedures".

In Ancient Rome, the Vinalies were two celebrations of the grape harvest and the best wines of the year. For nearly 40 years now, the Œnologues de France have been reviving this tradition by selecting the best wines and terroirs from around the world, through competitions, their expertise and their knowledge of the markets.

The Vinalies are a series of professional wine competitions created by the Œnologues de France. Because we want competitions that have meaning and are a guarantee of quality, we have set up an organisation that allows us to respect the work of producers and consumers. We are one of the few competitions in France whose organisation is certified ISO9001:v2015.

Our competitions are a real link between our know-how, they allow the promotion of your wines, the work of your team and our most beautiful terroirs. They are competitions on a human scale, not elitist, and whose expertise serves only the objective and authentic quality of wines and other fermented and distilled beverages of plant origin. We do not judge a wine by its brand or appellation but by its quality.

Do you have a question? Contact us at: vinalies@oenologuesdefrance.fr, making sure to mention the name of the competition concerned!